It is the goal of CLE Events to create universal experiences of positivity and diversity and provide positive spaces that allow local artists to flourish. We aim to combine community and culture at our events and make them uplifting and memorable experiences.



CLE Events is an event planning and consultation company that seeks to unify the community through the creation of cutting edge music and artistic events. The company grew out of a dream to unify the artistic scene in Memphis and showcase local talent to the community in a way that highlights diversity and encourages unity amongst the different artistic genres and the community.

Currently, CLE Events produces two annual events: DreamFest Weekend and GirlPower Project. DreamFest Weekend is dedicated to promoting unity within the local music scene by combining a culturally diverse group of artists, promoters and sponsors that work together to produce a weekend of music, art and fellowship. DreamFest Weekend is held in January during MLK Weekend.

GirlPower Project is an eclectic music showcase featuring up and coming women artists that promote sisterhood, diversity and empowerment among women and the community. In line with the GirlPower Project's mission to uplift and empower; a portion of the profits from the event benefit a local charity.  GirlPower Project is held the last week of June.

Event History

"I Have A Dream" Fest Jan 2012

GirlPower Project April 2012

"I Have A Dream" Fest Weekend Jan 2013

GirlPower Project June 2013

DreamFest Weekend Jan 2014

GirlPower Project Nov 2014